We visited Nicaragua to learn about the country and its people.
During our stay we met market vendors, teachers, activists, older adults,
students, artists and former revolutionaries.

These are some of their stories.


This website is the centerpiece of a storytelling class at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. We traveled to the cities of León and Chinandega in March 2016 and March 2017 to interview locals and learn about life in this Central American country, with which the United States shares a long and complicated history. As we talked to the people of León and Chinandega it became clear that most of their stories were connected by a common thread: the struggle to help Nicaragua emerge from the ravages of civil war. The people we interviewed—young, old, rich, poor, farmers, professionals—are all working in a variety of ways to make a living—and to make their country anew.  


               Photo by Michaela Mendygral


A group of fishermen in Poneloya works to save the environment.

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                  Photo by Margarita Díaz

las generaciones

The people of Nicaragua look to the future as they try to overcome the wounds of the past.

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                  Photo by Emma Robertson

las mujeres

In a country where machismo remains a powerful social force, women fight against violence and oppression.

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