People of the Market




Age: 50

Years working at El Mercado Central: 5

Sells: shoes

Why he sells: “This is the place where a majority of the population comes to shop. The shoes I sell will last longer than a year so people can invest in these shoes, they last for a long time.”

Home: “In Nicaragua there are a lot of opportunities, housing is cheap, a lot of foreigners invest here, they build hotels, and a lot of foreigners live in the center of town.”



Age: 64

Years working at El Mercado Central: 48

Sells: snacks, coffee, bread, juice, cookies, breakfast foods

Why she sells: “The rent at other places is more expensive, and I like this place because all kinds of people come to this place to shop. If I were selling from my somewhere else, like the square, it would be more difficult. Not everyone would pass by and buy from me.”

Home: “There are many different kinds of opinions [of Nicaragua]. There are people who have a negative opinion of us, but there are also people who have constructive criticism. Nicaragua is a quiet place. There have been wars in the past, but the environment [in Nicaragua] is very good and safe.”


Age: 35

Years working at El Mercado Central: 20

Sells: Meat (pork, chicken, beef, etc.)

Why she sells: “I have been here since I was 9-years-old. I worked for the older people who were here before me and I decided to establish my own business here. I have a lot of fixed clients, they keep coming back because they like my product.”

Home: “I believe Nicaragua is seen as bad in my opinion. [Nicaraguans] are discriminated against and it is hard for us to get into other countries but for other people to come into our country it is easy and they can get in anytime they want.”


Age: 67

Years working at El Mercado Central: 20+

Sells: Candy, fruit, vegetables

Why she sells: “[El Mercado Central] is the closest to where I live and I travel here every day. I don’t have any other option, I work to eat because what I sell gives me just enough so I can eat; it doesn’t provide me money for other things.”

Home: “I think [the world] thinks [Nicaragua] is a great place because we have had so many projects here from people outside of Nicaragua.”


Age: 43

Years working at El Mercado Central: 20

Sells: Grains, rice, beans, corn, drinks

Why she sells: “This is a safe place and I was raised [in the market].”

Home: “Nicaragua is a very beautiful place and there’s no reason for people to think bad about it. To me, Nicaragua is unique.”