Our project was made possible thanks to the efforts of our partners and collaborators in Nicaragua and Connecticut.
We want to send a big thank you to:

  • Everyone at Alianza Americana: Oscar Aragón, Eira Argeñal, Maritza Narváez, Chris González, Jason, Moisés Cisne, Erick Vásquez, and all the wonderful staff in León and Chinandega
  • The amazing women of the Asociación de Mujeres Luisa Amanda Espinoza and Casa de la Mujer Mercedes Molina in Chinandega: Dora Francisca López Monte, Mercedes Rivera, Santos del Socorro Rojas Dávila, Nazareth Bustamante, Connie Guevara, Mayra Natalia Castro, Sandra María Varela, and many others.
  • The artist Lester Arostegui
  • The human rights prosecutor Dr. Francisco Samayoa
  • Benjamin and the wonderful staff at Hotel Flor de Sarta
  • Erin Sabato, Quinnipiac's Director of International and Service Learning
  • At Quinnipiac's School of Communications: Dean Lee Kamlet, Associate Dean Terry Bloom, Assistant Dean Danielle Reinhart, Journalism Chairman Kevin Convey and the faculty of the Department of Journalism
  • And our families